Learning Through Art, 2011–2012

June 12 – August 26, 2012

The exhibition in Bilbao


Learning Through Art

This exhibition presents works by the 112 children aged six to twelve who participated in the educational program Learning Through Art in the academic year 2011–12. Taught by artists Elssie Ansareo, Naia del Castillo, Ibon Garagarza, Maider López, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea, and Jorge Rubio, the program reinforces the primary school curriculum through the use of art as an educational tool.

Classroom teachers identify educational goals and skills to be incorporated into lessons with the Museum’s artists and educators in order to devise a series of workshops. Every program is unique, designed to meet each participant’s needs, and fosters the students’ interests and skills.

Talking openly about art and the creative process helps students to explore a variety of topics in a more creative, personal way. Employing different disciplines, such as photography, painting, sculpture, video, performance, and movement, the program breaks down barriers between curricular disciplines and encourages participants to look at the world from freer and more imaginative perspectives. So art becomes a tool to discover, explore and understand reality, emphasizing the value of individual expression and creative freedom.

To celebrate the Museum’s 15th Anniversary, the children from the six participating schools have created a commemorative or celebratory work of art entitled Zorionak, Museoa!! (“Congratulations, Museum!!”).

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